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Cape Town voted world’s best city

22 November 2019

Cape Town has for the seventh consecutive year been voted the best city in the world by readers of The Telegraph in the UK.

“We can reveal that the greatest city in the world is a coastal gem, lying in the shadow of a cloud-hugged mountain. Here wine flows, penguins waddle and – not too far away – majestic beasts roam,” the popular British daily announced this week.

To find the greatest city in the world, The Telegraph asked their trusted readers to vote on their favourite holiday destinations.  For the more than 39 000 respondents, Cape Town was the top choice.

In an article following the announcement titled ‘Why this city is the best in the world’, Telegraph reporter Pippa de Bruyn wrote: “Set off in almost any direction and you are rewarded with undulating mountain peaks, slopes carpeted in the world’s richest floral kingdom, fertile valleys riven by amber streams, and wind-clipped plains producing unexpected culinary gems.”