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Creating a COVID Safe Study Experience

17 December 2021

Cape Town’s foremost language school is making the safety of students its top priority in the COVID era.

We cannot compromise, says English Plus Academy head Barry Abrahamse.

“COVID-19 has left a mark on our industry. We rely on international students, and want them to know that we’ve created a safe and secure learning environment,” says Abrahamse.

“Our school has all the necessary COVID protocols in place for in-person lessons, and our online lessons have been very productive. The safety of staff and students remains our top priority.”

We live a masked life now and its OK.

The modern academy, situated in Cape Town’s vibrant city centre, is one of the leading English language schools in Africa, and caters for a diverse range of student requirements including Corporate Courses encompassing business practice, corporate presentations and business vocabulary, as well as University Preparation Courses that equip the aspirant undergraduate student with, among others, assignment-writing and research skills.

Catering for everyone, from age six to 60+

“We’ve had students from across the world – from South America, all over Africa and as far as Asia,” says academy administrator, Vicky Davids.

“What sets us apart is our family environment. From the day the student arrives in the classroom until the day they leave, we strive to make the best of their time with us. We ensure that they reach their goal, but also go home with memories they can cherish forever.”

The institution’s vision is to be a school that collaborates across disciplines to shape the learning of English in a uniquely South African way, so making an impact on the lives of foreign students and increasing the use of English as a language of choice both on the African continent and globally.

The academy also offers combo courses, which include Surf n Study packages as well as Extreme Adventure excursions.

“The ‘plus’ in English Plus means students get more than just English lessons, they get to explore and experience their surroundings,” says Abrahamse.

“Our location is simply amazing. Showcasing the destination and the many attractions is part of the English learning experience. Cape Town truly is the Mother City, with so many different cultures and nationalities. Students come here to learn or improve their English, and leave with an unforgettable cultural experience.”

Says Matoko Daniel Joao, a student from Angola: “My experience at the English Plus Academy has been amazing. The people are warm and friendly and the environment very comfortable. The teachers are professional and show a very genuine interest in the students’ development.”

Join the academy’s online or in-person lessons by visiting the English Plus Academy website. Send a WhatsApp message to +27 78 382 2071 or email for more info.