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Attracting Students From Across The Globe

28 December 2019

The English Plus Academy in Cape Town is not your run-of-the-mill language school. It has a distinct character.

Situated in Cape Town’s vibrant city centre, English Plus is one of the leading English language schools in South Africa catering for a diverse range of student requirements, including Corporate Courses – encompassing business practice, corporate presentations and business vocabulary, as well as University Preparation Courses that equip the aspirant undergraduate student with assignment-writing and research skills.

“We cater for everyone, from the age of six to 60,” says academy administrator, Vicky Davids. “Students come from across the world – from South America, all over Africa and as far as Asia. The oldest student we’ve had was a 52-year-old doctor from Brazil. He was eager and willing and it was a pleasure to have him around. He improved his English and we even got to learn from him in the process.”

We aim to ensure that every student’s stay is both profitable and enjoyable; that they gain insight into South African life and culture, and also enhance their knowledge and understanding of other cultures.”

The institution’s vision is to be a school that collaborates across disciplines to shape the learning of English in innovative ways in a uniquely South African style, so making an impact on the lives of foreign students and increasing the use of English as a language of choice.

english plus study
English Plus Academy administrator, Vicky Davids.

Taking a keen interest in students

Academy head Barry Abrahamse says they’ve adopted a unique culture at the academy, which makes the school stand out from the rest.

“We take an interest in the student,” says Abrahamse. “We get involved. We’re not a run-of-the-mill English language school. All of our past students are still in touch with us. We build relationships.

“One student from Ecuador, who came here to prepare for the International English Testing System exam, is coming back soon and will be going to Oxford University next year.  We also prepare Angolan students for university, and have tailor-made courses. So if you’re studying Engineering, we filter in a lot of engineering terms.”

The academy also offers new combo courses, which include ‘Surf n Study’ packages, ‘Extreme Adventure’ and ‘Language Excursions’. “We find that our international students are very vibrant and open to adventure,” says Abrahamse.

“We’ve already started promoting our Surf n Study packages in Brazil and we will soon be extending the offering to include shark cage diving, horseback riding and paragliding. Showcasing the destination and the many attractions will become part of the English learning experience.”

English Plus Academy

A friendly and professional environment

Says Matoko Daniel Joao, a student from Angola: “My experience at the English Plus Academy has been amazing. The people are warm and friendly and the environment very comfortable. The teachers are professional and show a very genuine interest in the students’ development.”

Karen Valentim, from Brazil, says she was immediately impressed with the academy’s offering. “My first impression was excellent,” she says.  “I came to the school to (get to) know the place and feel the vibe. I liked it so much. I have a good space to study with good help from my teachers, Samantha an Marc.”

The school strives to provide a quality service to all students in a friendly and caring environment.