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Digital Connectivity Cape Town

Cape Town is fast becoming the most digitally connected city in Africa.

Since 2014, the City has made significant advances in harnessing the power of technology. The municipality has to date installed fibre­optic cables with a combined length of over 800km and has provided accelerated internet access to over 1 million people through nearly 400 free Wi-Fi zones spread out across the metro.

By 2021, the City’s broadband project will deliver a fully functional, municipal-owned fibre-optic network that will serve the entire metro area.

The City’s public Wi-Fi service and other digital inclusion projects are part of a broader Digital City Strategy, which aims to make Cape Town the most digitally connected city in Africa. Other elements of the strategy include investment in digital infrastructure, digital business initiatives, and a focus on digital government.


The City provides telecommunications infrastructure and backhaul services to commercial operators. Our services can be flexibly combined to enable commercial telecommunications companies to extend their own networks across the City’s infrastructure, and so provide high speed broadband service anywhere in the metro area.



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