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The perfect balance between city-life and outdoors

Most big cities around the world have some imposing high rise city centre which never feels welcoming. Cape Town couldn’t be any more different; the city is small, and lies in the shadows of one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, Table Mountain. This ever inviting city is perfect for tourists, expats and locals alike, with great transport, walking all around the city, and something interesting around every corner. After a few months of living in Cape Town people in the city will recognise you on your daily walk to work and this shows just how charming the city can be.


History of the City of Cape Town – District 6 history

Without traveling too far back in time and looking at the origin of Cape Town or the historical Cape Town castle, one of the most significant more recent parts of Cape Town city centre’s history would be District 6. This infamous area just on the outskirts of the city centre has been a talking point amongst residents for over 50 years. During a darker time in South Africa’s history white and non-white people were not allowed to mix and certain suburbs of every city in South Africa were designated for certain races. District 6 was a primarily mixed race neighbourhood and in 1966 was declared a “Whites only” area by the Apartheid Government. Around 60 000 humans lost their homes, and were moved to other areas further outside the city. This massive undertaking by the Government of South Africa at the time caused an uproar from many citizens. All the homes in District 6 were demolished and today most of the land is still empty. This vast expanse on the edge of a city is a reminder to all today of the city’s past. Every visitor to Cape Town should visit the District 6 museum on Buitenkant Street. The memories and stories of people who lived there are found inside this old church. Just down the road is Charly’s Bakery, one of the best for cupcakes in the city, and is always worth a quick stop.

Cape Town city green spaces

Cape Town is the only city in the world to have its own floral kingdom, called the Cape Floral Kingdom. Surely this means the city has many green spaces right? That would be correct. Sitting below beautiful mountains with many walks and hikes, this city is an outdoor person’s dream. What is even more impressive would be all the parks and recreational gardens around the city. None is more impressive or as interesting as the Company’s Gardens in the city centre. Dotted around are major landmarks and historical buildings with a beautiful garden nestled in the middle. A favourite habit of many who live in the city is to walk to work in the morning through the garden, and it’s green all year round. De Waal park further up towards Table Mountain is a dog friendly park which has tons of grass for the pets or the family to run around.

Company Gardens drone aerial


Our guide to a great day in Cape Town city centre and surrounds

  1. Breakfast one of the many breakfast spots around Greenpoint – Cape Town breakfast spots have perfected the art of coffee and pastries.
  2. Walk through Green Point park – Beautiful gardens and you can walk towards the Waterfront.
  3. Head to St George’s Cathedral – This Anglican Cathedral is a landmark in the city, and Desmond Tutu’s old church.
  4. Walk through the Company Gardens – This garden never disappoints, and you can always stop at one of the museums on the way.
  5. Lunch in the garden – You can eat at the restaurant in the Company Gardens or stop for coffee and cake.
  6. Book an uber or drive yourself to Signal hill for sunset. – Best sunset spot around, beware of some traffic at the top if it’s very busy.
  7. Have dinner in one of Cape Town CBD’s restaurants – options abound with both local and international flavours, a quick bite or fine dining.



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