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Situated below the Majestic Table Mountain and tucked cosily between Newlands and Rondebosch is the lovely Claremont. When we think of Claremont, we think family, green and homely. Interestingly the name Claremont comes from the French for “Clear Mountain” and would highlight the fact that there are some amazing spots to get the fresh drinking water coming straight from the Table Mountain aquifer.

Claremont’s History


This lovely suburb shares its roots with many of those in the surrounding areas, being farmlands initially under Dutch rule, and then we see a move towards more residential living around the 1800’s when the British came to these beautiful lands.  Looking at the area today, it’s easy to imagine why people would have wanted to live here. Close to what is the city today, only about 11km, this place would have felt like a World apart from the bustling Cape Town harbour at the time.

The original farm was called “Veldhuysen” and was given to some of the first “Free Burghers” who arrived with the first Dutch Occupants in 1660, only 4 years after the first arrival at the Cape. The famous astronomer Sir John Herschel also lived here, while mapping the Southern hemisphere sky in the 1800s. One amazing part of the story is that Sir John Herschel viewed Hayley’s comet from the farm in 1835 through his telescope. Today the site is a school and there is an Obelisk erected on the exact spot where his telescope stood and is a National Monument today. If you are interested in seeing Hayley’s comet, it’s only coming back to our skies in 2061 sadly. 


Our guide to Claremont: History & Fun Things to do


Definitely known more as a locals hang out, if you are visiting Cape Town it would be a good spot for you to visit and see how local Capetonians enjoy their night out. There are some great places to eat out, One of our favourite bars in all of Cape Town and some of the best coffee shops around. Let’s start with some of the best Claremont coffee shops : 

For Claremont restaurants and bars :

1. Oblivion Wine Bar:

This is is a great spot for any time of the day. From a sneaky brunch to some wine and Pizza, this spot has everything you could need.

2. Home Bar:

A proper local hang-out. This place has some good grub, a wide range of drinks and locals littered all over the spot. 

3. Myoga:

A fantastic fusion restaurant situated in the beautiful Vineyard Hotel and Spa. The place offers Japanese fusion and even offers an affordable 7-course meal for under R500. 

4. Banana Jam:

This has to be our favourite bar on the list. Nothing fancy, but a proper hangout for locals, with a wide range of beer, good grub and an atmosphere most visitors would enjoy. Think a little piece of Jamaica in Cape Town and you would be halfway there already.

If you are looking to experience some of the best that Cape Town has to offer in the most non-touristy way possible, Claremont might just be what you are looking for.



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