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Kommetjie and Scarborough

Travelling down the Western side of the Peninsula to Cape Point National park is a must for all visitors to Cape Town. Once you leave the bright lights of the city, there are some amazing places to visit out in the countryside that offer something completely different. Kommetjie and Scarborough are the perfect destinations for people wanting to experience nature and not wanting to stay in the City. These two villages offer visitors fantastic surfing opportunities, incredible foraging in the kelp forests and as always some spectacular hikes into our world famous mountains. Home to some of South Africa’s best musicians, it’s easy to see why creatives would want to live out in the “wild” while still having access to the Mother City.

Sun, Beach & Surf: Exploring The Gems That Are Kommetjie & Scarborough


One of the main issues with going to the beach in Cape Town in the summer months is that most visitors are going to the beaches near the city, which can be very busy.  That is no issue out on Kommetjie or Scarborough beach, these beautiful beaches are never packed, and with the National park right around the corner, it has a special untouched feeling to it. Rock pools offer kids and adults something to explore, the surfing is sublime and Kite surfing has become very popular lately. 

Another interesting part of these beaches is that Crayfish is a seasonal staple for the locals to catch and cook, which is always a delicious meal near any beach. It’s important to note that you’ll need to obtain a Crayfish license, there are also strict rules about when you’re allowed to catch Crayfish – see more on the West Coast Rock Lobster season dates here.

Our guide to Kommetjie & Scarborough

Although we understand that every visitor to this beautiful place is different, we thought we would give you our top 5 activities in the surrounding areas of these two towns.

1. Hike to a shipwreck:  

Take a walk down Long beach to the wreck of SS Kakapo, this old steamship ran aground on the beach in 1900 and is still visible on the beach today. The beach itself is 8km in length but the wreck is closer to Kommetjie than Noordhoek, most locals would say hike from Noordhoek though as the views are much better.

2. Snorkel with seals in Kommetjie: 

The Atlantic coast of South Africa is home to more than 2 million Cape fur Seals, and there is an opportunity in Kommetjie to go snorkelling with these “Dogs of the ocean”. Playful and energetic, this would be a fantastic way to view Seals in the natural environment while also learning about the ocean. 

3. Have a seafood lunch at Camel Rock restaurant in Scarborough:

Having been part of the scene for over 20 years, this institution in Scarborough is a no-brainer for visitors wanting to try fresh seafood in a local setting. The place itself is quaint and charming and food and drinks are memorable.

4. Take a trip to Misty Cliffs beach:

If you thought Kommetjie beach was a chilled environment then Misty Cliffs is taking it to the next level. This beautiful Hamlet is situated between Kommetjie and Scarborough and offers visitors a laid back, relaxing trip to the beach. We would say it’s even worth it to spend one night here and feel like you have been transported far from civilization. There are some nice accommodation options available in this charming little place. 

5. Visit the Slangkop Lighthouse:

The tallest Cast iron lighthouse in South Africa is well worth a visit. Not only a lighthouse, but the surrounding areas also offer some unforgettable pictures, with Fynbos scattered along the beach and there’s always an opportunity to spot some of the local birds. The entire area is fantastic for birding, and you are anything like most South Africans, we love looking for and identifying birds on walks and hikes. 



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