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Cape Town is Africa’s most desirable city for students. Now that you can study virtually from anywhere, why not do it from Cape Town?

Boasting some of the most picturesque college campuses in South Africa, it’s easy to see why anyone would want to study in Cape Town. Students living in Cape Town have some fantastic advantages, with World-class facilities that are internationally recognised and a great work-life balance for students. Home to arguably the most beautiful campus in South Africa, the University of Cape Town has been on many international students’ bucket-list. Standing at the forefront of science and humanities, this exquisite campus stands proud on the foothills of Table mountain overlooking the city.

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Looking to learn English?

A major attraction for people to study in Cape Town would be to study English. There are many options for studying English at accredited institutions throughout the city, and this is a major drawing card for Cape Town. English is spoken throughout Cape Town and South Africa, and it’s one of our 11 official languages. This means you can immerse yourself in our language and culture when visiting.

The perfect study destination

Student-living in the city is easy, with fantastic public transport and most places being within walking distance, it makes it much easier for a student to travel within this city. The city itself has enough diversity to keep the young minds of tomorrow busy.

If Cape Town is a great city to visit on holiday, imagine getting to stay here while learning too? This seems to be the best of both worlds.



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