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Holistically Healthy City

Cape Town Is Building A Holistically Healthy Infrastructure


One of the critical components for building a resilient city like Cape Town is the physical and
mental well-being of Capetonians. When it comes to Cape Town’s diverse culture, people,
households and communities, any kind of Resilience Strategy needs to prioritise
strengthening the very social fabric and cultural resilience of the metropolis. This will allow
the Mother City to continue to survive, adapt and thrive.

In fact, there are various spheres of government, most notably the Western Cape Provincial
Government (WCG), for which health is one of its formal constitutional mandates. These
initiatives work tirelessly to extend access to quality primary, secondary and tertiary
healthcare in Cape Town. However, today more than ever, the community projects in Cape
Town need to be supported by a strengthening of strategic processes and infrastructures.

Cape Town’s Resilience Strategy – A Holistically Healthy City


This is the first pillar in the City of Cape Town’s Resilience Strategy. It places a strong
emphasis on addressing trauma, as well as the need for improved mental health and family
support services. This is critical for a variety of reasons:

While the inequitable allocation of resources continues to be addressed, there is now also a
shift to focusing on innovatively harnessing the power of people, networks and societal
resources in order to make our communities safer.


Increase Awareness, Access To (And Uptake Of) Mental Health Support

The City of Cape Town continues to combat and counter the stigma around mental health,
all Capetonians are challenged to confront this issue and to raise awareness and
acceptance. After all, efforts to bridge the treatment gap needs to be done in partnership
with communities. This will include improving referral mechanisms to professional health
practitioners and confronting mental illness, as well as increasing awareness. Goals in this
regard include:


Break the Cycle of Violence & Decrease Recidivism Rates & Trauma

The City of Cape Town is embracing a more holistic approach to policing and crime
prevention too. By partnering across neighbourhoods, CBOs, and government departments
there is an opportunity to discourage youth from crime and to strengthen our resilience in
times of shock. Efforts are targeting the breaking of the cycle of violence. This starts by
preventing people from entering the criminal justice system in the first place. Goals in this
regard include:


Combat Discrimination & Build Social Cohesion

It’s important that the City of Cape Town works to combat discrimination and build social
cohesion. Various forms of prejudice and discrimination, including racism, sexism,
xenophobia and homophobia, weaken the fabric of society. This undermines efforts to build
social cohesion, a vital enabler for any societal response to stresses and shocks. Goals in
this regard include:


Promote A Culture of Health That Increases Well-Being & Decreases Trauma

Cape Town is committed to promoting a culture of health that increases well-being and
decreases trauma. This is because healthy Capetonians are best positioned to confront
acute shocks and chronic stresses. There have been great strides since 1994 in providing
access to quality healthcare. Further goals in this regard include:

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