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How Cape Town is Acting on Climate Change

22 May 2021

The City of Cape Town recognises the need for urgent climate action and has long been a leader in Africa for its climate mitigation and adaptation efforts.

The City’s newly launched climate change response and resilience campaign, Let’s ACT. For a Stronger Cape Town, is in line with these efforts.

Residents, communities, businesses and organisations are encouraged to join us in helping to build a stronger, healthier, more equal and sustainable future-fit Cape Town.

How climate change is affecting Cape Town:

Capetonians are familiar with the impact of climate change due to the drought we experienced in recent years. But by working together, we reduced water use by 50% in record time to avoid the worst. No other city in the world has managed to achieve this. This kind of collaborative action is what we need to become stronger, more resilient and to help reduce the impacts of climate change. So, Let’s ACT. For a Stronger Cape Town.

Tackling climate change requires that we work together. There are many simple actions, some big and some small, that each of us can take to make our city stronger.

What is the City doing?

In support of the growing global momentum to tackle climate change, Cape Town, along with cities in South Africa and worldwide, has committed to working to achieve the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality and climate resilience by 2050. Importantly, reducing global warming is key. These necessary targets can only be reached through significant transitions in urban form, energy sources, transportation and resource efficiency.

Along with the Climate Change Strategy, the City is completing a Climate Change Action Plan that sets the pathway towards this goal. The City has in place many programmes that support climate change adaptation, mitigation and climate resilience, and is working towards significantly growing these.

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Over the past 10 years, the City’s energy efficiency in municipal operations programme has saved more than 231 GWH of electricity. This is enough electricity to power 35 clinics over 10 years and translates into 229 035 tons of avoided carbon emissions.

Some highlights

Actions you can take:

Join us and Let’s ACT. For a Stronger Cape Town.


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