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Strengthening ties with the Diplomatic Corps

12 February 2020

Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato and the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry this week hosted a networking engagement with the Cape Town Consular Corps ahead of the President’s State of the Nation Address.

In his speech, Plato emphasised the importance of building sustainable relationships between the City of Cape Town and representatives of the Consular Corps.

“The Consular Corps is a vital link between our countries with a view towards building relationships that are beneficial to the growth of our countries and which are sustainable,” said Plato.

“Sharing information can help us more easily identify opportunities for growth and potential challenges and engagements such as this one are ideal for such information-sharing opportunities. We all want to attract skills and investment to our cities and with each of us bringing something different to the table, there is so much room for shared growth and development.”

Cape Town is recognised as a destination of choice, despite the challenges facing the country and the continent at large.

Plato said it was therefore important to clearly demonstrate to stakeholders what the City was doing to create opportunity, and a safe environment for residents, visitors and expats.

Job creation is not the direct function of government, but as local government, we do everything we can to create the conditions for employment and opportunity,” Plato said. “The City is leading the rest of the country in creating the right conditions for employment.”

The Auditor General’s unqualified audit finding for Cape Town is further proof that the City is a responsible government focused on delivering services to the residents, added Plato.