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Week of Fashion celebrates the best of South African fashion

19 October 2023

The Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC) has played a vital role in positioning Cape Town as a global fashion hub. Established in 2006, the CTFC brings together designers, industry professionals, retailers and stakeholders to create a vibrant and inclusive fashion ecosystem.

One of the CTFC’s new initiatives, Week of Fashion, has emerged as a transformative event. With a focus on collaboration, innovation and diversity, the Week of Fashion is the result of collaboration between the CTFC and the Group of Creatives to provide a dynamic platform for designers, brands and industry professionals. This visionary project aims to establish Cape Town as an emerging fashion city, with far-reaching benefits and potential impact.

The concept for the Week of Fashion was born during the COVID-19 national lockdown when the CTFC and partners launched Africa’s first digital fashion week. “As the fashion industry continues to evolve, the significance of fashion weeks in shaping a city’s identity has become evident,” said Kerry-Lee Bell, CEO of the CTFC. “The Week of Fashion in Cape Town recognises the importance of collaboration and a unified industry voice.”

Talent development and industry networking 

One of the key objectives of the Week of Fashion is to provide unparalleled market exposure and brand promotion for designers, brands and sponsors. Through captivating runway shows and curated showrooms, the event showcases the latest trends and designs to a global audience. The inclusion of curated showrooms provides designers with opportunities to directly connect with buyers, retailers and international guests.

Furthermore, the event nurtures strategic partnerships among designers, brands and industry professionals. The collective efforts of these stakeholders are reshaping the fashion landscape and establishing Cape Town as a hub of creativity and innovation.

By embracing designers from diverse backgrounds, the event celebrates the diversity and cultural richness of Cape Town, challenging traditional beauty standards and contributing to a fashion industry that values inclusivity. According to Bell, the showcased designs reflect a diverse range of cultural influences from across the African continent and beyond.

Force to be reckoned with 

In addition to its industry impact, the Week of Fashion generates significant employment opportunities. “The Week of Fashion provides designers with the visibility and business opportunities necessary to grow their brands, contributing to the overall growth of the local fashion industry and creating further employment prospects,” said Bell.

With its focus on collaboration, innovation and diversity, the event celebrates the best of South African fashion. It solidifies Cape Town’s position as a dynamic and influential player in the global fashion landscape. As a driving force behind Cape Town Week of Fashion and various industry initiatives, the CTFC continues to shape the narrative of South African fashion, making it a force to be reckoned with.