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What It’s Like To Live In Cape Town

1 April 2022

When you think of Cape Town, what are the first things that pop into your head? Stunning beaches, Instagrammable wine farms, beautiful mountains, and loads of fun activities to do, right? All in one convenient package! No wonder it’s been voted one of the Top 10 Cities in the World for Travellers. But, what’s it like living in Cape Town? Well, that’s where we come in.   


Our helpful guide will prepare you for the big move to the Mother City – from saving money on petrol to finding a healthy work-life balance.

Cape Town’s Favourite Neighbourhoods

One of the first things you do before moving anywhere is finding a place to live. Luckily, you’re spoiled for choice with the Mother City’s diverse and lively suburbs. Here are just some of the best places to live in Cape Town:


All you have to do is pick the place that’s perfect for you! 

Cape Town’s Not That Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, Cape Town is one of the most affordable cities in the world. You won’t break the bank trying to pay all your expenses. According to cost comparison company Numbeo, Cape Town’s less expensive than Johannesburg. And if you compare their rent prices to a major metropolis like New York City, you’ll pay less for an apartment in the Mother City than in the Big Apple. You’ll still have to budget, though. 

Save Money On Petrol

You can save so much money on petrol by taking public transport in Cape Town. There’s the award-winning, universally accessible MyCiti Bus Service, with spaces for wheelchairs, level boarding, and an audio LED screen. Or you can opt for the more affordable Golden Arrow Bus Service and Minibus taxis.

Receive world-class private healthcare

To experience our first-rate private healthcare, you may want to take out medical aid before moving to Cape Town. There is a range of healthcare schemes to choose from. Some start as low as R1000 a month. The city’s highly trained, world-class doctors will take care of all your needs. You’ll still have access to public healthcare, but you may have to wait a while before getting help.

Join The Creative Hub Of Africa

If you want to build a career in the creative space, Cape Town’s the place to be. It’s become somewhat of a hub for creatives over the years. There are tons of opportunities for filmmakers, content creators, digital markers, writers, and designers. So, you’ll have tight competition, but a boatload of potential like-minded friends. And definitely some visits to First Thursdays. 

Studying in Cape Town

There are lots of great schools and universities to enrol in Cape Town. Whether for you or your kiddies. You can choose from excellent private schools to multicultural colleges like the University of Cape Town (UCT) – Africa’s Top University. UCT now also boasts South Africa’s first progressive online high school. 

Always Pack A Jersey

Something you’ll learn very quickly when living in Cape Town is that the weather can switch up real quick. Don’t let the “Cape Doctor” catch you off guard. That’s why you should always pack a jersey, just in case. Otherwise, the hot Summers and mild Winters make Cape Town a desirable place to live. Perfect for fun outdoor activities.

You’ll Never Get Bored

Boredom is something you’ll never experience in Cape Town because there are always things to do. You can go on beautiful hikes, have picnics on the beach, go wine tasting, or visit the famous Cape Town Big 6


And if that’s not enough, Cape Town also has a thriving nightlife scene and scores of shopping malls – for those well-deserved retail therapy sessions. A great work-life balance, right!  


Meet Cape Town’s Diversity

Cape Town is a melting pot of diverse cultures and races. You’ll learn so much and meet so many warm and friendly people. Some locals, others tourists, and even those who, like you, also recently made the move to the Mother City. 


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